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Punjabi – Traditional Dresses

Punjabi – Traditional Dresses

Traditional Punjabi Dress

Traditional Punjabi Dress

Dresses are not mere clothing but symbolize tradition, culture and life style of a particular group of people which in the end represents a nation.

Even the dimensions, fabric and embellishment of dresses can indicate some of the demographics of a nation. Punjabi dress for men comprises Pagri, Kurta and dhoti. A Pagri or turban is an unstitched plain clothing of length, used as a headdress by Punjabi men. It is tied manually by wearer and considered as symbol of honor. A Kurta is a loose collar-less shirt with a length around knees. It can be embroidered for embellishment. For covering legs Punjabi men use dhoti which is another example of unstitched clothing (apart from Pagri) of 7 yards in length tied at waist and wrapped around legs.

Punjabi women wear Shalwar Kameez and Dupatta. Kameez is a long and tunic piece of clothing up to thighs with v-shaped openings (Chaaks) on both sides below the waist. Shalwar is a loose clothing equivalent to pant or pyjama. It is hanged around waist through draw strings and is wider of the top (waist) and narrower on the bottom (ankle/legs). Dupatta is used to provide covering to neck, shoulders and chest of women. It is a rectangular scarf of two and a half meter length. All of these Punjabi women dress items can be embroidered to add more to grace and beauty of clothing.


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