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Punjabi Language

Punjabi Language

There are uncountable different languages in the world that are spoken and they are also written. One of these languages is Punjabi. Punjabi is spoken by the people of the historical region of Punjab. It is a language that is originated from Indo-Aryan. When region of Punjab is being discussed then north western part of India and north eastern part of Pakistan is being considered.

Indian Punjabis use the language Punjabi at official level and they even use it in ceremonies where as Pakistani Punjabis use the language just for the sake of communication. In Pakistan it does not hold any place at official level neither it is a part of education. Although Punjabi is a language that is spoken the most in Pakistan.

Punjabi language is the part of the world since 11th century. Punjabi is writable so it has always been used for different purposes such as, it has been used writing poetries and many other things by Sikhs, Muslim Sufis and Hindus. Gurmukhi is the language written for Punjabi Language. In Pakistan the largest group of ethnic is comprised of Punjabis. Punjabi speaking people are mostly part of Pakistan’s government and as it is so common in Pakistan so that is why it is spoken and understood by number of people of Pakistan. It is also commonly known that the accent of Punjabi changes after every 25 Km in Punjab.

There is a composition of several social groups, economic groups and castes of Punjabi speaking people in Pakistan which includes Jutt, Khatri, Gujjars, Gilanis, Qureshis and many others. Around 44 % people of Pakistan speak the language Punjabi from which 75% people are found in Punjab, 7% are found in Sindh, 3% in Baluchistan, 1% in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and around 0.23% in FATA ( Federally Administered Tribal Areas ).

There are many Sufis and poets of old times who are famous for their work in order to spread the Punjabi language. This includes Fariduddin Ganjshakar who was also known as Baba Farid. The old literature of Punjabi was spiritual nature wise. Its oral tradition was even very rich in early times but now modern Punjabi has taken over and now Punjabi is only spoken because it has been spoken in the family from centuries. Punjabis have migrated a lot now and you can find Punjabi speaking people in almost every major country of the world today.


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