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Punjabi Dress

Punjabi Dress

People in Punjab wear colorful and stylish clothes. There are countless designs for both men and women. Punjabi Dress is famous for its styles and look. These dresses express the culture of Pakistan. A very common wear is shalwar Kamiz among men and women.

punjabi traditional dress women Punjabi Dress

Frock and Churidar Pajama

There are different types of fabrics available according to taste, region and culture. The suit can be as cheap as 350rs and can be expensive as 6000. Or it can go further higher if some occasional suiting is required. A normal branded kurta can be found ranging between 1500 to 3500 Rs. Or a stitched suit can cost around 2000 to 4000 rs. Big markets have lower prices in competition and brands are expensive always. The Pakistani Punjabi brands are famous worldwide.

punjadi dress women 682x1024 Punjabi Dress

Shalwar Kamiz with dopatta

The distinctive style of Punjabi Dress gives unique identity to the region. The modern dresses are famous all over the world and across Punjab in Pakistan. There are many famous brands that deal with latest outfits and fashion accessories to meet the demand of people in Punjab. Their designs are marvelous and the quality of fabric is excellent that many textile companies export the cloth. Our cotton and our textile industry is serving people all over the world.

punjabi latest dress for women 754x1024 Punjabi Dress punjabi dresses for women Punjabi Dress

Matching is very important among ladies, so matching shoes, make over, bag and jewelry is an essential part of casual and formal dressing. The trend of adapting the ever changing fashion is a sign of modern thinking. The style that meets the time and confident looks, this all describes the graceful Punjabi Dress.  The modern Punjabi dress is now kurta and shalwar or sometimes jeans among youth. This unique look gives comfort and style. Youngsters love this dressing across Pakistan.

shalwar kameez punjabi women Punjabi Dresspunjabi shalwar kameez for women Punjabi Dress

Being the national dress, Shalwar kameez is worn in all over Pakistan. It has different styles as per regions. There are minor differences in the styles and stitching of dresses. Men dresses are much common but variety can be found in women dresses. Men usually wear shalwar kamiz, kurta shalwar and occasionally kurta pajama. This dress is commonly worn on Jumma prayers (Friday Prayers) and specially on Eid.

punjabi dress for men Punjabi Dress

Kamiz with turban – Punjabi dress for men

punjabi party dress for women Punjabi Dress

These dresses with different combinations and styles are worn on different occasions like Baraat, Mehndi, Eid, Festivals, and in routine life. Punjabi Dress and its different styles include sherwani for men and turban, churidar or Patiala shalwar with long/short shirts with sandals and jewelry for women.  Embroidery, sheesha work, thappa and laces are commonly found in dresses.

punjabi bridal dresses Punjabi Dress pujabi women dress collection Punjabi Dress

punjab girl dresses Punjabi Dress

Say yes to cultural Punjabi Dress

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