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Punjab University

Punjab University

There are uncountable universities in the world but not all of them are recognized in the world. There are some prestigious universities in which studying are an honor. A person who gets a degree from any of those prestigious universities feel extremely proud and degree from these universities also matter a lot everywhere in this world. One of the famous universities among these honorable universities is Punjab University. It is situated in Lahore which is a city of Pakistan and lies in the province of Punjab. It’s the biggest and the oldest Pakistani university that was established in 1882. It is among the top ranked universities of Pakistan.

Punjab University was established because of the problems faced by Punjabi people in 1857 after ‘Great Indian Revolt’. It was founded by Professor GW Leitner. Before the partition of the sub-continent it was providing all educational needs for both, Northern India and Punjab but later it became part of just Pakistan after the partition in 1947.

Punjab University has number of different campus such as, Allama Iqbal campus, Gujranwala campus, Quaid-e-Azam campus and Khanaspur campus. Old Campus is also the name given to Allama Iqbal campus. Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a great philosopher and a poet. The campus is named after him. The campus has been architect in an Islamic design and it is situated in the center of Lahore.

There are 4 disciplines at the Gujranwala campus that is Commerce, Business Administration, Information Technology and Law. New Campus is the name given to the Quaid-e-Azam campus. It is named after Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of the great nation Pakistan. The Khanaspur campus is actually for providing facilities for research and it is also a recreational center for both, students and the faculty.

There are number of different courses provided by the Punjab University, in fact it is the leading university of the country which provides so many different courses. It provides courses not only for under-grates but there are also numerous courses for bachelor, masters and even courses to do PhD. The degree of BS honors is provided in the subjects like computer science, software engineering, mathematics, information technology, chemistry, physics, environmental sciences and statistics. Regular full-time students that occupy Punjab University are around 25000 and there are around 147000 students that are part of 434 colleges which are affiliated with Punjab University.

The teaching faculty of the Punjab University gives instructions to the students and even conducts research. Currently there are about 100 students that are part of PhD programs of Punjab University. The aim of the university is to create at least 100 PhDs each year and it has even maintained this aim from past 3 years.

All together the Punjab University has 13 faculties with 63 departments, 10 constituent colleges, institutes and centers. There are about 650 members who are part of permanent faculty who are involved in teaching as well as research. It is an honor to study in such a university from which very well-known people have studied and Punjab University is one of them.


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