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Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited or PTCL is Pakistan’s pioneer and leading telecom company. It is the first and mega land line providing company of Pakistan. It will not be wrong if it is said that PTCL is the backbone of Pakistan’s telecommunication infrastructure.

PSTN handsets

            History of telecommunication in subcontinent can be traced before the partition of Indo-Pak and at that time, this sector was working and developing successfully under the Indian post and telegraph department. After the independence of Pakistan, the department of Pakistan post and telegraph was providing telecommunication services. Till 1962 this department continued running the both services under one department. In 1962 in the era of Ayyub Khan, it was decided to divide the department into two independent departments of Pakistan Post and Pakistan telephone and telegraph. Both departments worked under the government.


In 1990, the government of Pakistan thought of deregulation and liberalization policy so that the burden of government could be reduced and the departments could work more efficiently in a better and improved way. In 1994, 12% of PTCL shares were divested on local stock market by the government of Pakistan. In 2005, PTCL sold its 26% of shares to the UAE based company Etisalat but still government of Pakistan is owning 62% shares of the company. Right now PTCL is working with the collaboration of Etisalat. PTCL right now can be called a semi government company that is working under government and a private sector at the same time.

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PTCL is offering a vast range of services and packages to its customers all over the Pakistan. PTCL took start from fixed line services but now many inventions took place and PTCL now is offering services like Broad Band services that is basically an Internet service. This service is being provided on the fixed landline connection on copper wire and optical fiber. But for the customers who are not   having fixed land line connection or having a mobile usage of Internet can avail the wireless Internet services named Evo Wireless Broad Band that is based on EVDO Rev A, B, C technology. There are many areas in Pakistan especially northern areas where fixed land line services are not possible to provide, so, to facilitate the people living in those area are being offered with the special CDMA based wireless service that is commonly known as Vfone wireless service so that they can communicate with the whole Pakistan through their wireless connection. PTCL is also offering 3G tab and smart phones. PTCL also introduces a Television service called Smart TV in which they are offering more than 100 HD quality channels. Another service called iSentry is a service that can be used for the security purpose as they offer security camera in this service. PTCL is also the parent company of one of the Pakistan’s large cellular company called Ufone.

PTCL buzz, PTCL packages, PTCL entertainment and PTCL movies are popular among its users. Different flexible packages are offered for end-user to corporate customers nation wide.

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