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Pitthu Gol Garam

Pitthu Gol Garam

Let us reminiscence another interesting game played in streets and the grounds named “PITTHU GOL GARAM”. It was my favourite pastime during visit to cousins. The game is played between two teams and the number of players in the team is not constant as compared to other games like cricket and hockey. You just need to divide the available players into two teams, but you will enjoy more if both teams have more than 4 players.

The stuff needed to play the game is a tennis ball, chalk and five flat pieces of stone or wood of different sizes which can be placed one on another, forming steps. These are called as GEETIAN in the game. Teams decide the first turn by toss and losing team scatters for fielding. At the center of the play ground a small circle with the help of chalk is drawn and Geetian are placed one over the other in the center of circle. At the distance of 8-10 feet two marks are drawn at opposite sides of the circle. At one side of first mark players of first team stands and tries to hit the Geetian with the help of ball and on the other side of second mark players of second team (fielders) try to catch the ball after first bounce. If the team succeeds to catch the ball after or without hitting the Geetian the player of the first team is considered as out and the other player replaces him. If the fielding team is unable to catch the ball after hitting Geetian the main task of the game starts. The fielding team runs to pick the ball and tries to throw and hit the ball to the first team’s players, until the first team completes its task. On the other hand first team tries hard to save themselves from hitting the ball and tries to place the Geetian again in the circle in the same order. If the first team succeeded to arrange the Geetian in the circle, the players loudly say “PITTU GOL GARAM” without which the task remains incomplete. If the fielding team completes its task by hitting ball to any player of opposite side before the first team completes its task, they get the next turn. But if the first team completes the task without any hit then every player gets an additional turn.


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