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Pir Nooruddin

Pir Nooruddin

Pir Nooruddin: The Great Sindhi Sufi Poet:

The province of Sindh in Pakistan is famous for its glorified ancient history and has been a hub of many literary, cultural and social activities for decades. The language of Sindh is called Sindhi and its one of the oldest languages of Asia. Sindh’s civilization is rich in literature, philosophy, music and oriental arts. Taking a look at the history, it shows that Sindhi literature was visibly displayed in the writings of ancient Arab historians, thus making Sindhi language one of the earliest languages of the East.

Sindhi was the first language in which the Quran was translated back in eight or ninth century.  Moreover, some evidences of renowned Sindhi poets reciting and publishing their verses and work in Baghdad during the era of various Muslim Caliphs. Moreover, various books on astronomy, history, medicines and arts are being found written by famous Sindhi scholars, poets and literary figures are also being found.

One of the pioneer poets of Sindhi language was Pir Nooruddin. He was an Ismaili Missionary who chose Sindhi language as the medium to write beautiful Sufi poetry. Pir Noorudding came to Sindh in 1079 AD. The poetic verses of Pir Nooruddin are known as ‘ginans’ and are considered to be one of the earliest samples of Sindhi poetry. Sindhi language has undergone colossal evolution since its origin and Pir Nooruddin’s verses display a unique record of the Sindhi language of that era.

Pir Nooruddin was a famous scholar, poet and a preacher of Islam. His writings and his poetic work exhibits mysticism, Sufism and a profound knowledge of Islamic teachings. After him, numerous Sufi poets and scholars including Pir Shams Sabzwari Multani, Pir Shahabuddin and Pir Sadruddin brought even more glory to Sindhi literature, language and poetry. The writings and literary contribution of these scholars and poets have been translated into various languages; however, you can easily find the Sindhi manuscripts in any famous library of Sindh province. Pir Sadruddin was known to compose the ‘ginans’ into many other languages for instance Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati and Seraiki etc.

The Sindhi cultural and literary achievements were later on carried by renowned Sufi poets like Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Khilafo Nabi Bux and many more. After the British advent in Sindh in 1843 AD, modern literature was introduced and brought into the Indian sub-continent. Many famous British scholars and poets were devoted fans of Pir Nooruddin’s and his counter-fellows writings and poetry and they translated and published them into English language later on. Thousands of books and Sindhi manuscripts were preserved by modern Sindhi scholars like Shamsuddin ‘Bulbul, Maulana Din Muhammad Wafai, Dayaram Gidumal, Hakim Fateh Mohammad and many more.

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