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Pir Chinasi

Pir Chinasi

In Pakistan, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir lies the most well-known and the highest place Pir Chinasi. The altitude of Muzaffarabad is about 2200 ft from the sea level where as the height of Pir Chinasi is about 10,250 ft.  It is basically a Shrine of Saint of Grater Kashmir Hazrat Shah Hussain, renowned as the Kind of mountains, lord of lions. Pir Cinasi is derived from “Hindco” language which means “The Saint of the Summit”. The three sixtieth Urs of Hazrat Pir Chinasi was celebrated by the caretaker of the shrine in the previous year and it is celebrated every year in the month of June and September. To celebrate his Urs many people came from all over region of Greater Kashmir, including Pakistan, India and China.


Because of its high elevation it is considered as the most blissful place, as the clouds most of the time keep on wandering, so that all can observe the live timestamps. It is a famous tourist place in Muzaffarabad and is mostly famous due to its ziyarat of a well-known Saint Pir. To get a superb vision of Muzaffarabad tourist usually visit this place. Pir Chinasi is about 30 km away from Muzaffarabad and it is connected to it through a metal topped road.


The view of Pir Chinasi is out of this world simply spectacular, a master piece of nature’s beauty. Tourists from all over Pakistan love to visit this place due to its lush green plains, glorious weather and pleasant landscapes. The place and its adjoining areas are covered in the forest of pine, and oak trees present pleasing summers and cold, snowy winters to the sight seers.


If someone wish to visit this place he should be prepared with his own camping gear, as there’s hardly any guest house in this area. If somebody finds any guest house it mostly found full or close and if luckily someone finds room there, then they are too costly. So rather than hiring a room that is out of range one should have its own camping equipment as it is very reasonable and same time enjoyable for the tourists. Near Pir Chinasi there are many areas adjacent to it such as Phanwa Da Dana,Pir Asimar and regions at the foot f it are Saran, Jarran Phirran, Sud Bun, Sakki and Mushki and these places are amazing one should visit them when visit Pir Chinasi. Room services for tourists are made available at Saran by a tourist lodge.

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