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PIA Planetarium

PIA Planetarium

From the millions of places to go and see, one finds a hard time selecting the place to be. Among millions of others one Pakistani needs to get out and about; before going out of the country they should at least see what marvels lay in the corners of this country.

For Pakistan is a captivating land filled with a perfect blend of urbanization and rural. It has reserved its heritage in the form of architectural landmarks and monuments. There are archaeological sites; most famous being Mohenjo-Daro along with Taxila. The awe-inspiring Lahore Fort adjacently placed with the Badshahi Mosque. There are a lot of sites in different cities that you need to see.

Islamabad is a complete package itself, not any lesser than the Berlin or Munich (with the exception of tall buildings). There are parks, recreational facilities and malls that can keep you wandering out a lot. Islamabad being the capital of Pakistan has the tightest of securities ensures that you can roam the streets till late night and be safe. Then there are Lahore, Karachi and other metropolises of Pakistan. There are a lot of places to see in Karachi and Lahore. If you haven’t been to Lahore or either Karachi yet, then you are missing big time.

Among a lot of other places, if you happen to be an astronomy addict, then the PIA planetarium is the place to be. This unique museum is the first of its kind in Pakistan. It is a cybernetic observatory that puts on shows about our solar system and the major cosmic marvels. The PIA observatory is in Lahore and Karachi. First established in Karachi and then in Lahore, the PIA Planetarium observatory features a mega-comfortable hall with seats like real aero plane seats. The shows are entrancing for the first time viewers but they haven’t changed over this time lapse. The shows are usually in English and are much detailed than the Urdu shows. They have Urdu shows on weekdays and English shows on Sunday. An interesting thing is the real PIA plane parked there. A paid tour enables one to get an interior view of the plane.


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