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Peshawri Chappal

Peshawri Chappal

Someone said that footwear highlights your personality and a costly dress can low down your personality if you are not wearing equally valuable footwear that could be the shoes, sandals, or a chappal.

Peshawar is the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa an old and historically very valuable city of Pakistan. If we break the whole word “PESHAWAR” in two parts it will just look, as “PESHA-WAR” (A city of skilled) is well-known for its different traditional products that like by everyone in the whole country.

A traditional product of Peshawar that is well-known due to its durability, designs, famousness, and a past history of more than hundred years is Peshawari Chappal. It belongs from the traditional and cultural symbols of that great city. Why it is famous is because of it is very good for walking on the un-smooth areas especially good to walk on the hills and hard surface, etc.

This rough and tough footwear is worn by all over the Pakistan by the men. Nature gifted the human with great skills and anything, which is handmade, is unique due to its characteristics instead of a machine-made that will expire after a particular time. The most solid specialty of Peshawari Chappal is its long life. The material used to make these chappals is lather and rubber. The sole is made of hard rubber.

The making process of this Chappal consisted on some phases. First the base of that chappal is prepared, which is its sole that is prepared with hard and rough rubber. The tyre of any heavy automobile can be used for that purpose. In the second phase its upper side is prepared, which is called the Upper. The upper is totally made with high quality leather. The upper and the sole are joined together in third phase with the help of glue, nails, and thread that is used for sew the leather all this process complete while the pair is bent on the wooden die. To give the more attraction to the chappal lastly polishing is done on the pair. Such a Peshawari Chappal is prepared.


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