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Peshawar Museum

Peshawar Museum

Pakistan is full of historic places and all these historic places are extremely beautiful and everyone should visit these historic places once in a lifetime especially if you are a Pakistani then visiting these historic places is must. One of the many historic places of Pakistan is the museum situated in the city of Peshawar by the name Peshawar Museum. Peshawar is a part of the province of Pakistan called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Peshawar Museum is 5 minutes away from railway station and Jail Bridge by walk and it is properly situated between old city and Dean’s hotel which is also old.

Peshawar Museum was actually built in the memory of a famous queen named Queen Victoria and at first the original name of Peshawar Museum was Victoria Memorial Hall which later changed into Peshawar Museum when the museum’s head changed to a Muslim known as Dilawar Khan. Peshawar Museum is among the popular museums of South Asia especially because of the Buddhist sculptures present there in the museum from the period of Gandhara. It is a building made up of red bricks. The hall of Peshawar Museum is extremely spacious as it has side galleries from which 2 are at the ground and 2 are 1st floor of Peshawar Museum.

Things that are part of the exhibition at the Peshawar Museum are Ghundjara sculptures, lithic inscriptions, terracotta figurines and many other things especially related to Buddhism. Era of tribal and Muslims are also covered in other section of Peshawar Museum. Kanishka casket is the most important possession of the Peshawar Museum. It was recovered in archaeological excavations from Shah-Ji-Dheri that is situated on the Peshawar’s outskirts.

Beside all these things mentioned above there are many other things present in Peshawar Museum like engraved pottery, engraved gems, metal objects and ivory shells. Peshawar Museum has a nice collection of ancient coins that were excavated by number of different archaeologists. All together there are 8625 items and all these items are from the times of White Huns and Indus Valley Civilization. Peshawar Museum is a complete package if someone wishes to know the history of the sub-continent.


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