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Pearl Continental

Pearl Continental

There are many tourists that visit Pakistan to spend their vacations just to see the beauty that lies within Pakistan so when tourists arrive in Pakistan then they also wish to stay in a nice and big hotel so many foreign tourists choose to stay in PC hotel. PC stands for Pearl-Continental. There is a chain of PC hotels in Pakistan. There are 6 branches of Pearl Continental hotel all together which are situated in different cities of Pakistan. They are present in Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Gwadar and Bhurban. All these branches are well-known and preferred by many people for their services and the comfort zone available there.

The main branch of PC hotels, the head-quarter of PC hotels is present in Karachi as Karachi is considered as heart of Pakistan so it is also a business hub. People who are coming from abroad to Pakistan land on the airport of Karachi and if they are able to afford the cost of staying in a hotel like Pearl Continental then they directly leave for the PC hotel as it is just 15 KM away from the airport of Karachi. Leisure and corporate travelers mostly choose PC hotels as it seems a good choice to them for experiencing a good stay in Karachi, Pakistan.

One of the branches of PC hotels is also present in Lahore which is an extremely innovative hotel with some spectacular views. Lahore is already a city full of fun environment so a stay in PC hotel of Lahore add more spice to the journey and make trip to Pakistan more memorable for the tourists. The PC hotel of Lahore owns a legacy due to which staying there feels very different compared to other hotel chains. The branch of PC hotel that is present in Rawalpindi is the only hotel in the city which is a deluxe hotel. By drive, it is just 10 minutes away from the airport of Rawalpindi. The most famous of all the branches of PC hotels is the branch that is present in Bhurban because of its location at magnificent Himalayas which is at a height of over 2000 m.

One thing that is common for all branches of PC hotel is that all of them is controlled by Hashoo Group and all of them provide you with an unique experience for life.


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