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Pakistan Cricket Board – PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board – PCB

Pakistan Cricket Board was founded in 1948, soon after the independence of Pakistan. PCB is a supporting body, formed for sports related activities specifically, cricket. It is responsible for all kind of crocket matches at international and professional level, which includes test matches and one day international matches in Pakistan. PCB was renamed to BCCP (Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan) in its early years.

Cricket was one of the favorite and most popular sports among youngster of sub-continent since before the partition. Therefore, in 1947 when Pakistan became an independent state, there were already players and other team members who migrated and were willing to start playing this sport professionally at this homeland.

Starting off in 1948, as a established cricket board of Pakistan, PCB after striving hard and playing several matches successfully was able to be part of ICC (International Cricket Board) in 1952. The first series of test matches was played at India between October and December 1952.

The chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board is chosen from the three vice-presidents. This board also supports upcoming talent and new players besides the professional teams, therefore a number of matches and test series organized and played locally sponsored by well-known organizations, banks and clubs are also supervised and governed by PCB.

The Pakistan Cricket Board operates in Karachi and Lahore mainly, there is no system of separate teams representing different provinces or branches of PCB working for the selection and training of players individually. To be a part of national cricket team players have to travel from their respective provinces and cities to Karachi or Lahore where their skills and sportsman spirit is evaluated.

The professional teams playing under supervision of PCB at national or international level comprises of male players only, however efforts have been made during last decades and woman are also encourage to play cricket in a separate woman cricket team. This newly built woman cricket team gave outstanding performance and won gold medal in Asian Championship organized at China in 2010. The concept of women cricket team emerged in 1996, though it couldn’t work at that time but later on some courageous girls took bold steps and make it happen turning their failure into victory by winning in the Chinese Games.


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