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Paya e Kaghan

Paya e Kaghan

Kaghan valley is the worth seeing valley of Pakistan. This 169 km long valley is full of beauty. The Valley is named after the town of Kaghan. River Kunhar flows through this valley and the splash of river water in this valley is amazing. There are no words to explain these feelings. There is Plateau in this Valley Known as Shogran.

Shogran is a wonderful place and at a distance of 32 km from Balakot. It is a grassy land and green meadow. There is a grand hotel with grassy lawns and attractive location. This hotel is the most famous hotel of Shogran. One can enjoy the views of Moosa Ka Mussala, Koh-e-Makra and Malika Parbat mountain ranges. From Shogran a big track leads to Siri and Paye.

Siri is at a distance of 6 km from Shogran. One can’t go to this place on cars. Only jeeps move on the track. One can also visit this place by using the tracking area. The way to Siri is rough, but the breathtaking scenes are just awesome. It seems as the green trees are humming in the air with joy. They sing songs of love. As you reach Siri, you will not believe on your eyes that you are still standing on the earth. There as a rest house in Siri where one can relax. Here, thousands of flowers bloom and the butterflies seem to be dancing on the flowers and showing their happiness, but that’s not just enough.

Almost 3 km further you will be able to see green heaven, which is known as Paye. The green grass, green trees and green mountain tops are so charming and appealing to eyes. The effect of clouds in sunlight is like an extra ordinary pleasing. The meadows make a person feel so light and blessed with natural environment where he is far away from the tension of life in fresh and healthy air. This place makes you speechless; one can’t praise Allah enough, for this miraculous blessing. On the way to paye, there is a lake too. The Water of this lake acts as a mirror, which is reflecting green shade on the sides of blue sky with a fantastic effect of white clouds. If you see this place in winter the area is covered with snow, but still its beauty speaks loud. Usually in winter the roads are blocked due to heavy snow fall and land sliding.

These meadows are so beautiful that no one wants to come back in their lives. Everyone wants to stay there and enjoy the life near nature, but unfortunately this is not possible. Every year million of tourists came to Pakistan with a wish to catch a glimpse of this marvelous place.


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