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Pakistani Patriotism

Pakistani Patriotism

Patriotism means love for the homeland from the core of the heart. Instinctively human beings love the abode where they are born and brought up. Therefore, love of country is natural and common trait of the people living in one country.

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Patriotism is a positive characteristic which urges man to do everything for the sake of his country. It makes him perform his duties honestly and devotedly. Patriotism makes him a good citizen, who is always ready to serve his nation with the best of his talents. A good citizen is always ready to sacrifice his belongings and even life for his nation. Patriotism is a sacred passion, which makes the nation really strong and honorable. It is our duty to keep this passion alive in our hearts.

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The only way to serve Pakistan is that we must be sincere with our jobs and duties. It will be a tributary of the excellence finally contributing to the good of nation. Keeping our personal goals behind, we must put the matters of national interest before us as the national interest is always supereme. Country is not just a piece of land or only the collection of mountains, rivers and valleys. It is the heritage of our dreams, aspirations and our great religion. We love Pakistan because it is the center of our hopes and future dreams. It is the land of our following generation. We must try to make it strong and undefeatable castle of Islam.

Pakistan can be a really strong country, when the people of Pakistan are patriots in the true sense of the word. Love your country and it will shower all the blessings on you in return.

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