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Patiala Shalwar

Patiala Shalwar

Patiala Shalwar is trendy platted shalwar famous among women. Asian culture is full of variety either it is about construction, food, living styles or wear. There is a variety of dresses that people wear in Pakistan and among all, shalwar qameez is the most popular traditional dress worn by men and women. In women wear, shalwar qameez come in many styles and designs. In shirts, there are sack shirts, short shirts, long shirts, kaftans etc. similarly there is a variety in shalwar style like Rajhistani shalwar, Patiala shalwar, churidar shalwar, khuly gheery ki shalwar, dhoolki shalwar and anarkali shalwar etc. Here we would talk about patiyala shalwar.


Patiala shalwar is also known as pattian wal shalwar and also can be called as platted shalwar as it has many plates in it. The origin of Patiala shalwar can be traced back to the city Patiala that is located in the Northern region of Punjab, a state in India. Patiala shalwar was the royal dress in the era of King of Patiala. Pathani suit resembles with the Patiala shalwar as it also has loose lowers as Patiala shalwar. In its earlier times men also used to wear Patiala shalwar but now men do not wear it but women still like to stitch it with different styles.


Patiala shlwar and qameez is a very comfortable dress that is why many women prefer to wear it. Young girls specially are very fond of Patiala shalwar because of its comfort and it’s unique and funky look. The reason behind its unique look is that it has many folds because of plates that are stitched together. The folds or plates give a fall to the shlwar that give a draping effect. To stitch a Patiala shlwar double length of material would be required because in usual length of cloth it would not give that much of folds that are essential for its draping look.


Patiala shlwar is also known as Shahi shalwar because it was worn as a royal dress in Patiala city. The wear with Patiala shlwar mostly girls prefer is a short shirt or kurti. The short kurti or shirt gives more stylish look to Patiala shalwar. To get the best draped look of Patiala shalwar its better to choose a stuff like chiffon or georgette. Patiala shalwar can also be paired with the short sack shirt but the best paring of this shalwar is with the short shirt or kurti.

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