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Sarhadi – Pashtun Dress

Sarhadi – Pashtun Dress

The Pashtun (Sarhadi) Dress belongs to people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP) province of Pakistan. Both males and females wear Shalwar Kameez there.

Male uses Pakol (Pakul or Khapol) which is rounded topped hat made up of soft wool. For wearing it requires rolling from sides to form a band which helps to rest it on the head just like cap. Brown, black and gray colors are usually popular for Pakol. Most men also wear waist coat which is a sleeveless jacket buttoned in the middle. Pashtun Women wear Shalwar with long Kameez. They also wear a loose body covering above Shalwar Kameez termed known as ‘Burqah’ belted with a face covering termed ‘Hijab’ or Veil. All of this protects Pashtun women from strayed eyes of male which is not only considered as a sin in Islam but also unethical in civilized society.


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