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Participation of Pakistan in Olympic Games- An Overview

Participation of Pakistan in Olympic Games- An Overview

Olympic is the most prestigious games of the world. This is just like a dream come true when a player represent their country in the Olympic Games. For some players the participation in the Olympics games are enough, but the hunger to reached at the victory stand and raise the country’s flag near some players are much important than just to take part in the grand games. The moments of the victory stand are just awesome.

Just like the other countries of the world Pakistan has also participated in the Olympic Games. Pakistan is stand among many other countries that have the history to reach victory stand. The Olympics history of Pakistan has starts from London Olympics that was held in1948, just after one year after its creation and continued until Montreal Olympics games that were held in 1976. Pakistan did not participate in 1980 Moscow Olympics games due to some political reasons. Pakistan has participated in 1984 Loss Angles games, and this journey is still continued until the last Olympic Games that were held in China.

Pakistan has won total ten medals in the Olympics games that include The Prestigious, Gold, The Respected, and Silver, and The Satisfactory, Bronze medal in different sports categories individually and in team competition. Let’s take a look at the achievements of Pakistan in the Olympics games.

The Melbourne Olympics 1956 where Pakistan won its first silver medal in men’s hockey competition. The historical city of the world Rome was hosted the 1960 games, Pakistan won two medals one gold medal by defeating India in the men’s hockey final and bronze medal in freestyle men’s wrestling welterweight category by our wrestler Muhammad Bashir. In 1964 the Olympics was held in Tokyo in Japan, we won silver medal again in men’s hockey, this was the only medal that won in Tokyo Olympics. In 1968 Mexico Olympics, and 1984 Los Angles Olympics we were the dominant team in the men’s hockey events and won the gold medals. In 1972, 1976, and 1992 the Pakistan award showcase were filled by the silver and bronze medal that again won by our men’s hockey team. Last, but not hope will not the least Syed Hussain Shah won the bronze medal in men’s boxing middleweight category in 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The Stars of Pakistan in Olympics

Hockey is a team game and we have many world-class players that prove themselves the all-time best in different positions. Flying horse, the great Sami Ullah, Hassan Sardar the great center-forward, Kaleem Ullah, Manzoor Junior, Hanif Khan the prefect Center-Half, The great goalkeepers Shahid Ali Khan and Mansoor Ahmed, Most prefect penalty-corner specialists the great Tanveer Dar, and the highest goal scorer of the world the superb Sohail Abbas and many more. In boxing we have Syed Hussain Shah and in wrestling Muhammad Bashir.

Participation in the grand games is a respectable achievement and winning the medal is the best reward of that participation.


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