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Panjnad River is situated in the province of Punjab and flows across the end part of Bahawalpur. The river is formed when five other rivers; Sutlej, Ravi, Chenab, Beas, and Jhelum join together. Irrigation channels are provided to the provinces of Sindh and Punjab by the river Panjnad.

Agricultural rate is high in the region along this river because all the five rivers join their forces together and make the land more fertile around. There are famous shrines built near this river in a district known as Uch sharif. The shrine of Baha’al-Halim, Alaluddin Bukhari and Bibi Jawindi are the most popular ones.

There are various tributaries of this river. The rivers of Chenab, Jhelum, Kunhar, Liddar, Neelum, Pohru, Sandran, Vishau, Manavar Tavi, Ravi, Ojh Nadi, Tawi, Wardwan, and Sutlej are the main attributes forming River Panjnad. The river was formerly known as ‘Satnad’ because of the linking of seven rivers but under some circumstances the name of this river was changed as Panjnad. Panjnad River plays a great part in tourism side and attracts more tourists every year. The view of this junction of five rivers is eye-catching. The rate of vegetation is quite high along this river as the fertility of land is good.

After the junction of five rivers, Panjnad meets river Indus and flows all its way to Arabian Sea. Dams and different projects have been developed on this river. It has a great importance among all the rivers located in Punjab because it is said to be the major river of this province. The river has always been a great sight and serves as the best tourist attraction. People love to see the beauty of emergence and so they visit it whenever they come to Punjab. Panjnad River also feeds several lakes which are linked to it.

The river provides water for agriculture and serves as a great camping site. The trees across it make the river more fascinating. The charming view of the junction gives real delight to ones’ eyes and to enjoy the lovely essence of beautiful natural scenes one must visit this river.

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