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Azad Kashmir is blessed with numerous beautiful places and the place itself is a master piece. In Azad Kashmir, Pakistan a small town is located known as Pallandri which is situated in the Sudhanoti District. Pallandri is basically a head quarter of Tehsil Pallandri and Sudhonati District. It was also the first capital of Azad Kashmir. From the capital of Pakistan that is Islamabad, Pallandri is about 94 km away. It was the Tehsil of Poonch District, until this district was divided into Poonch and Sudhanoti. At the moment it is the head quarter of Sudhanoti District. Even though, it is mostly remembered by its earlier name Pallandri by its residence rather than Sudhanoti District.


The place is filled with beautiful sceneries and magnificent climate that enhances its beauty even more. Pallandri is basically a hilly landscape and encompasses numerous historical forts. In summer the temperature of Pallandri ranges from 20 degree to 35 degree and in the season of winter it reaches from -5 to 25 degree. In winter season in Pallandri, usually snowfalls on nearby mountains, and this gives it a breathtaking view.


It is also the homeland of Colonel Khan Muhammad Khan. The DC House is the most famous place and historical building in Pallandri which is presently in use of Sardar Adnan Khurshid, the ruler of Poonch State in Pallandri known as Maharaja Poonch. He built DC House in 1915 and built it on the very top of the town to capture the Million Dollar view.  The building remained unharmed during the 2005 earthquake as it was made completely out of stone. It was popularly known as Rani ka Bangla or Dak Bangla. It was used for stay by the Maharaja and his wife on their way from Poonch to Rawalpindi.


In 1947, after the partition time of Pakistan and India, the Poonch State was alienated into two divisions one part is in A&J that is the part of Kashmir held by Indian and the second part of it is present in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) which was later converted into the DC House were the DC lives and from that time this place is popularly recognized as The DC House. There is one more famous historical place present in Pallandri which is a water point and this water point is named as Rani ki Bavlee.


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