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Apple Production in Pakistan

Apple Production in Pakistan

With 13 lac 35 thousand tons of Apple production, Pakistan is world’s 10th largest country. World’s  production is 50 Lac tons in which Belgium, France, Italy, America and Chilly are prominent.

Baluchistan is the key contributor of Apple production in Pakistan while KPK stands on second number with contributing 25 percent of national Apple growth.


Apple production normally starts in December and January but few farmers also seed in monsoon weather. In Pakistan Tong and Clift drafting are the most practicable among farmers from which they can get fruit on 20 to 30 centimeter of earth level. If planting in monsoons, apples are planted by T-blooding technique, which is the best technique for this season.

For apple production, rain is the main element. If it does not rain, the tree would not provide the fruit that is why apple-producing areas are not plane lands but its gardens are located in mountain region.

After Baluchistan and KPK, Punjab province also contributes in Apple’s production as its upper part Potohar and Muree also produce Apples. Azad Kashmir is also a renowned place of apple growth and Kashmir’s apple is used as term because of its taste.

Apple Trees

Apple Trees

Apple productions in Baluchistan are increased due to scientific research based farming implemented there. Ayub Agriculture Institute conducted this research. By using this research, Baluchistan’s apple is in High demand and in addition its per Acre production has also increased.

There is a need of this type of researches and implementations in other provinces too, especially in Sawat where Apple production has decreased by 5 percent in last Five years. If our production grow by 2 tons per Acre that would bring around 30 Billion rupees additional in foreign exchange as Russia is the largest consumer of Apple in the world and that market posses a potential to buy Pakistani apple which is very popular over there.


There are various types of Apple, which are produced in Pakistan, but according to UNDP’s research JUNGLE’S Apple is the root of all group of apples available in the world and its genetic roots are from Kazakhstan.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor Away!” It is heard so many times but how and why? Science answers it. Each Apple contains Potassium and Phosphorus in high quantity and a Minor quantity of Sodium that help in controlling blood pressure and high use of potassium in food actually prevents heart diseases. Low intake of Sodium saves kidneys from being damaged. Apple also contains Vitamin B Complex that is again very useful for one’s life, so keep eating apples and be safe.


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