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Pakistan Trade

Pakistan Trade

USAID has commenced several projects to enhance the stability of Pakistan and to make it one of the renowned country in terms of all aspects. For that they have chosen the most concerned sector of economic as the growth in economic and agriculture plays an important role in the progress of any country. In this program of Economic Growth and agriculture they have conducted several projects among which Pakistan Trade is the most apprehensive.

They started focusing on this specific area of Pakistan Trade from June 2013 and are still determined on their mission. In this project they have almost aided $20,323,820 for assistance.


Project Explanation:

The project of Pakistan Trade aims to encourage development and growth by serving the Pakistani economy so that it attains its export prospective. A major meeting point of the project is to improve the country’s trade by bringing it up through perfect guideline, strategies, coordination, and capability. Moreover it also intends to enhance trade at the border of Pakistan, specifically with Afghanistan, by consuming less time and expenditure of transport and smooth the progress of achievement of the Afghan Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement. The project promotes the concern of maintainable and spirited exceptional Economic Zones that includes Reconstruction Opportunity Zones, and highlights capacity-building actions that can facilitate to raise exports from trade, services, and agricultural projects.



Pakistan Trade projects aims to promote Pakistan internationally and the surroundings of the local trade by sustaining friendly trade strategies and by enhancing trade at the country’s border.

Major Actions:

  • Major actions of the project aims to advance the trade atmosphere by offering technological backing to the agencies of the government on civilizing rules and course of action.
  • To develop the trading activities at the border’s of Pakistan by offering small-scale infrastructure and by providing quality training.



  • Introduced almost five counseling meetings on issues related to trade with central public and private sector stakeholders.
  • In 2010, as fraction of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement, they have introduced almost five customs insurance bond system to protect customs proceeds against unconstitutional trade.
  • In the Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement they have sustained inclusion of best-practice risk managing methods to lessen the time in customs of low-risk cargo.
  • Even they have lessened the formalities of Karachi port for Afghanistan-Pakistan transit trade from 43 days to almost 23 days.
  • Moreover they have established a new export market in Australia for Pakistani Cobblestones. Similarly have made several attempts to support the trade of Pakistan.

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