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Pakistan Railway

Pakistan Railway

As venous system in human body is quiet important for transportation of food and oxygen. Similarly the railway system of a country is quiet important for public, business and defense system. If the railway systems do not work efficiently, it can paralyze many sectors of the country. However, unluckily in Pakistan, it is one of the most ignored sectors and due to which economy is suffering badly. Pakistan railway system always remained connected to controversies, some times of corruption and some times of Taliban attacks.

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The amazing thing about the history of Pakistan railway is that the British government, before the division of subcontinent of south Asia laid the railway system here. The idea behind the railway track was to make Karachi the main harbor of the sub continent and for transporting the trade goods, they laid railway track, which connects the main cities of the country to Karachi. This idea was given in 1847 and in about 1861, the railway system was opened to public. The first track laid was from Karachi to Kotri and then it was extended as the government felt the demand.


Pakistan Railways creates the link to the country by accommodating its requirements for across-the-board drive of freight as well as passenger movement. It not only provides to its financial growth but also encourages national integration.

PR system is under federal administration and a number of corrupt people administrated this ministry and made it a great loss. The corruption in railway system is touching its peak. Sometimes the matters arises with the name of corruption of about 220 million Pakistani currency on the name of maintenance and locomotive purposes and sometimes the issues are the theft of the consignments. Supreme Court took action against all those things and referred these cases to NAB (National Accountability bureau) for investigation etc.


Pakistan, despite its sufficient volume, has a mainly dysfunctional railway system. In Mid 2011, Pakistan railways decided to stop all of good trains due to shortage of fuel. This decision increased freight prices in Pakistan and the Ministry of railway decided to stop main functional trains which left ordinary Pakistani citizens at the mercy of road transport for long distance travelling. However, some of these decisions were taken back like operating goods trains and privatizing few trains to private sector that started Shalimar Express & Business Express both to Karachi from Lahore.

Pakistan Railways allows transportation all over Pakistan via its wide net of railway stations across the Pakistan and it is also operating a Train service between Pakistan and India named as “Samjhota Express”. Its headquarter is located in Lahore near Lahore Railway Station and sub offices are located almost in every town of Pakistan. There are up to 900 operative Railway Stations in Pakistan in which prominent are:



·      Arifwala Railway Station

·      Attock Railway Station

·      Bahawalnagar Railway Station

·      Bahawalpur Railway Station

·      Bhalwal Railway station

·      Burewala Railway station

·      Chiniot Railway Station

·      Faisalabad Railway Station

·      Farooq Abad Railway Station

·      Gujar Khan Railway Station

·      Gujranwala Railway Station

·      Gujrat Railway Station

·      Jauharabad Railway Station

·      Jhang Railway Station

·      Kasur Railway Station

·      Khanewal Junction railway station

·      Khushab Railway Station

·      Kulewal Junction

·      Lalamusa Junction

·      Lahore Junction

·      Mailsi Railway station

·      Malakwal Junction

·      Multan Railway Station

·      Okara Railway Station

·      Pakpattan Railway Station

·      Rahim Yar Khan Railway Station

·      Raiwind Junction

·      Rao Khan Wala Railway Station

·      Rawalpindi Railway Station

·      Sargodha Junction

·      Sheikhupura Junction

·      Sialkot Junction

·      Vehari Railway station

·      Wazirabad Railway Junction

train on attockbridge


·      Dadu Railway Station

·      Drigh Road Railway Station

·      Hyderabad Junction

·      Jacobabad Railway Station

·      Karachi City Station

·      Karachi Cantt Railway Station

·      Khairpur Railway Station

·      Kotri Junction

·      Landhi Railway Station

·      Larkana Railway Station

·      Liaquatabad Railway Station

·      Mehrabpur Junction Railway Station

·      Mirpur Khas Railway Station

·      Nawabshah Railway Station

·      Sehwan Railway Station

·      Rohri Junction railway station

·      Sukkur Railway Station

·      Tando Adam Railway Station

·      Zero Point Railway Station



·      Chaman Railway Station

·      Dalbandin Railway Station

·      Mach Railway station

·      Nushki Railway station

·      Quetta Railway Station

·      Spezand Junction

·      Sibi Railway Station

·      Taftan Railway Station

raliway line bolan pass


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

·      Havelian Railway Station

·      Landi Kotal Railway Station

·      Nowshehra Railway Station

·      Peshawar Railway Station


Along with that, Pakistan railway is operating following trains to accommodate passengers:

·      Allama Iqbal Express ( Karachi – Sialkot )

·      Awaam Express ( Karachi – Peshawar )

·      Bahauddin Zakaria Express ( Karachi – Multan )

·      Bhawalpur Express ( Sialkot – Samasatta )

·      Bolan Mail ( Karachi – Quetta )

·      Hazara Express ( Karachi – Havelian )

·      Fareed Express ( Karachi – Lahore )

·      Jaffar Express ( Rawalpindi – Quetta )

·      Karachi Express ( Karachi – Lahore )

·      Karakoram Express ( Karachi – Lahore )

·      Khushal Khan Khatak Express ( Karachi – Peshawar )

·      Millat Express ( Karachi – Sargodha )

·      Mehr Express ( Multan-Rawalpindi )

·      Pakistan Express ( Karachi – Rawalpindi )

·      Rawal Express ( Lahore – Rawalpindi )

·      Sialkot Express ( Sialkot – Rawalpindi )

·      Subuk Kharam Express ( Lahore- Rawapindi )

·      Subuk Raftar express (Lahore – Rawapindi )

·      Sukkur Express ( Karachi – Jaccobabad )

·      Super Express ( Karachi – Malikwal )

·      Tezgam Express ( Karachi – Rawalpindi )


The railway system was locally used by a good number of public to reach their destination within the city and that system was used by the people of Karachi to avoid the public buses but it was stopped. After recent election, in a press conference, Shebaz Shareef (PML-N) Punjab’s chief minister, showed his intensions to start the metro bus system in Karachi and newly elected prime minister Nawaz Shareef also promised to launch bullet train system in country from Karachi to Lahore.


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