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Pakistan Military Academy

Pakistan Military Academy

The Pakistan Military Academy located at Kakul is also known as PMA Kakul. Kakul academy is in Abbotabad. The city was named Abbotabad in 1853 after the name of the British administrator James Abbot. Abbotabad is located in a province of Pakistan named as Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and further in its region Hazara. Throughout the Pakistan, this city Abbotabad is famous for its high-standard educational institutes, military establishments and its pleasant weather. The city has all kinds of transportation facilities and markets.


The mission and purpose of this academy is to provide training to young cadets to ensure the progressive and continuous growth as a Pakistan Army officer who could make decisions when needed by the military profession. The PMA provides such environment to the cadets where they can develop the character and learn the traits of courage, dignity, honor, patriotism, honesty and discipline. The training in PMA is not just about the fight training rather it focuses on building a whole character. The young cadets in the academy pay great respect to their senior officers. Not only the cadets from Pakistan come here for the training but also the importance and high standard of academy can be determined that cadets from more than 34 countries every year come here for the training.

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PMA has about 100 halls of study. Each of these halls is fully equipped with the audio and video equipment. Course that PMA offers is a four-year undergraduate course called Bachelors of Military Arts and Sciences. Some common subjects like English, Military Geography, National and International Affairs, Islamic Studies, General Science and Social Science are also included in the course. A large collection of books can be found in the Central Library of the academy. Apart from studies there are some clubs and societies are also there in this academy like Drama club, Music club, Debating club, literary club, and Camera club etc.


Physical fitness is an essential part and all the Gentlemen cadets and Lady Cadets are required to pass these physical tests. Test includes running, sit ups, pushups, chin up, rope test, assault course, shooting, swimming and many other physical activities. These tests are taken to check the stamina of the cadets. It is important to note that Lady Cadets are also required to pass all the tests like Gentlemen Cadets but by keeping their physique in view standards for Ladies are bit less. As indoor clubs there are many outdoor clubs such as Para club, Gliding club, Hiking club, Riding club, Shikar club and many more.


There is a series of training programs at PMA that is designed to build the attributes in the cadets that are vital for the career in Pakistan armed forces. Skills of handling weapons, using single equipment, field exercise and model discussions are some of the training program features.


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