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Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design

Fashion has acquired prominent place in today’s world and keeping this in mind many institutes have played their role to provide better understanding of fashion trends. Among these the most prominent institute that has played vital role in generating world class fashion designers know as Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, it is commonly known as PIFD. This institute offers a four years program leading to a Bachelor degree. It was established in 1994, by the Government of Pakistan along with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, they came mutually with Mr. Olivier Lepidus and began to establish such an institute that train the professionals to develop the fashion industry, after that PFID came into being in a rented premises at Sunder Das Road, Lahore. In 1984, this institute was incorporated under section 42, under the sponsorship of Ministry of Commerce, government of Pakistan in 2008.


In 2007, NOC was issued from Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) for degree awarding status and finally in November 2010, the institute was granted the Charter for degree awarding status by the National Assembly.  This is a noteworthy goal in the venture to acquire Charter status which will facilitate the Institute to offer an HEC recognized degree.

Its 4-year degree program is further divided into four schools and they are Pakistan School of Fashion  and Design, Pakistan School of Fashion Marketing and Promotions, Pakistan a School of Textile Design and Pakistan School of Accessories and Products and within Accessories and Products they offer Gems and Jewellery, Furniture Design and Manufacturing, Leather accessories and Footwear.


The students of this institution go abroad on change programs where they are trained and they attend various workshops in Boras, Paris, Sweden and even at the Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences in Thailand. PFID hire trained staff from L’Ecole Superior Chamber Syndical de la Couture, Paris. Students from different cities of Pakistan are enrolled at PFID. PFID is affiliated with Ecole de la Chamber de la Couture Parisienne for fashion design with the Mod’ Spe’ Paris and for student exchange and curriculum development they are affiliated with Swedish College of textile and Sciences that is in Boras, Sweden since 2007. For Gems and Jewellery programs they have been affiliated with Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences.

The graduates of this institute are the highest paid graduates and have 100% employment surety. Its Alumni includes designers like HSY, Maria B, Maheen Kardar, Seger Atif, Saman Arif, Kamiar Rokini and Mehdi.  


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