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Pakistan Firms

Pakistan Firms

Pakistan being an underdeveloped country is widely supported by the government of USA through USAID, as by their funding strategies they have conducted numerous projects to boost the economic condition of the country by hook or crook and for that they have introduced a project related to Pakistan’s firms which was commenced in May 2009 and was carried on till April 2013. For the progress of this project almost $47,688,726 has been funded.

Project Explanation:

The project is trying to help to enhance the productivity and earnings of small and standard-sized ventures in susceptible areas. They have focused on the main sector for instance cultivation, domestic animals, minerals, and tourism. The project tries to classify and eradicate restrictions to private-sector development and job growth. Moreover it promotes the expansion of business-enabling surroundings by helping the Government of Pakistan as it develops scheduling and finances, restructuring strategies according to international best performances, and reorganizes systems and dealings at the national, provincial, and district levels.



The main aim of the Pakistan Firms project is to expand vibrantly, internationally spirited small and standard-sized projects in Pakistan’s most susceptible areas by sustaining the construction and advertising of agricultural and non-agricultural supplies.

Major Actions:

  • Have generated almost 10,000 fresh employments in areas like Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and FATA
  • To educate almost 10,000 members in staff, improvement and agricultural and advertising best performances.
  • Restore the famous fish of Swat i.e. trout fishery and to bring back the tourism sectors in it which was effected by current divergence and floods.
  • To facilitate about 3,800 small and standard-sized projects to increase access to equipment, domestic and export markets, and monetary services


  • The agricultural market reforms of Punjab and Sindh act out, due to which it will help to generate a demand-driven system directed by the private sector.
  • Almost 22 fisheries in Malakand are fully restored which were effected during flood.
  • Almost 6000 employments are introduced out of which 50 % are in the city of Malakand.
  • 239 hotels which were effected during flood in Swat are completely renovated which resulted in dual occupancy and a 72 percent augmentation in sales.
  • 800 small potatoes farmers in Swat outfitted to advance yields and access sustainable high-end market link
  • 4,000 farmers and additional workers from mango and date-growing regions in Sindh and Punjab are trained.
  • In 20 mango farms the productions has increased by 25 percent and are of export quality.
  • In 2011, near about 4,400 tons mangoes have been exported, showing a 60 percent augmentation in sales by value.
  •  From the private sector more than $2 million investment has been mobilized in the mango sector


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