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Pak Tea House

Pak Tea House

          Lahore is a city of Pakistan, located in the Punjab province. Lahore is famous in all over the country because of its food, culture, history and historical places but above all another fact makes it famous that is the literary activities and intellectual people living over here. Lahore is known as cultural and literary hub of Pakistan as many of intellectual personalities in the history and present belong to this city. There are so many sitting and meeting points that are established in Lahore to provide a place to these intellectual people so they can meet each other and new people to exchange their thoughts. Among all such meeting points, Pak Tea House is one that is very famous among intellectual people and was established in the year 1940 by a Sikh family.


In 1932, the building that is currently knows as Pak Tea House was under the ownership of a Sikh family that later in 1940 was handed over to Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).  At the time of inception tea house was named as India Tea House that after the partition of Indo Pak in 1947 a man named Sirajud Din rented it from YMCA and changed its named as Pak Tea House. This tea house is situated near the Anar Kali Bazar, Neela Gunbad, off the Mall Road that is now known as Sharae Quaid-e-Azam.

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City’s famous artistic, literary and cultural personalities frequently used to visit Pakt Tea House among them some of the popular names are Agha Soraish Kashmiri, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Ibn-e-Insha, Saadat Hassan Manto, Ahmed Faraz, Nasir Kazmi, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Intezar Hassan and Syed Qasim Mehmood. This tea house can be said the birth place of a literary movement known as the Progressive Writer’s Association that since its early foundation belonged to left-wing. People from diverse backgrounds come and share their thoughts and viewpoints.

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Not only the literary people but also this place is famous among the youth of Lahore with non-mainstream point of views. This tea house due to the lack of business, some years ago was closed by its owner and intellectual community of Lahore criticized this decision. On the orders of Lahore Commissioner, on February 2, 2012, Pak Tea House once again was put under the control of Young Men’s Christian Association and on 10 March 2013, by the Government of Punjab, after the renovation, reinaugurated this tea house.

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