Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Wahga Border- Indian Border

Wahga Border- Indian Border

It is a fine evening and I am standing on Wahga watching the people who have come here to see the place which draws the line between the two nations..

The people are busy in taking their snapshots to make these moments memorable. Some are wandering around to enjoy the bliss of the environment. A deep feel of nationalism on both sides is on the swing. But I am thinking about the implications of this place to me, to the people from Pakistan and to the foreign visitors.

August brings a torrent of memories for me and I come here to salute this place and the departed souls who sacrificed their lives, belongings and honors to reach this dream land. I visualize my family members from maternal side who were slaughtered on or behind this border. The sand particles start turning red before my eyes. My ears are hearing the voices of agony and joy mixed at the same time. Joy is to reach the land of peace and agony is of losing their homes, properties and to crown all the most precious kinships on the way. My senses are feeling the cries of the wounded people. My soft palate tastes salty water dropping down. The people are celebrating the day and I am celebrating the memories….

Anyway, the ceremonial place attracts the visitors from both sides to watch the ceremony of “flag lowering” which takes 45 minutes every evening. The sunset leads to these ceremonies daily but in the month of August it becomes of more importance for the people like me. Today it is looking more attractive and meaningful. The tall soldiers of Pakistan Rangers are stepping towards the gate which is opened for them. They exchange their salutes and the people on both sides accompany them with their voices and slogans. The zeal and fervor of the slogans accelerates the emotions of the soldiers, visitors and tourists. The energetic voices of “Pakistan zinda bad” and “Allah o akbar” electrify the hearts and minds of the people. The soldiers start lowering the green flag and then fold it. The green flag…….a symbol of a geographical and historical achievement and an identity among the comity of nations! A trumpet sound announces the end of the grand ceremony of flag lowering.


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