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Pagri – Turban

Pagri – Turban

Pagri is is the term for a turban within sub-continent. The word Pagri is specifically refers to a headdress that is worn by men and needs to be manually tied. In many areas of Pakistan, especially in Punjab, Pagri is also called as Pag.

Though, it is just a long plain unstitched cloth, but it is sign of respect and esteem for the people of Pakistan. However, the length and the type of cloth used for Pagri vary according to region, caste and economic status of the wearer.

Pagri is the traditional eastern wear which is considered as the symbol of pride and honor for the families. The head of the families usually wear a different kind of Pagri, which make them distinguished from others. In the villages of Pakistan, Pagri has been considered as an essential element of men’s dress, without which their appearance would be incomplete.

There is a lot of importance of Pagri in Pakistani villages and is sometimes associated with figure of speech. Due to the association of Pagri with honor, it is used as figure of speech in associated languages. The figure of speech “Pagri Uchaalna” which means to toss the turban verbally implies causing the loss of honor.

Though, the villagers of Pakistan are still associated with the true traditional style of wearing Pagri, but the trends in cities and urban areas have changed a lot. In spite of modern fashion revolutions, Pagri is still considered as a significant part of celebrations and occasions. Especially, the wedding day’s preparations of the groom sound incomplete without Pagri. However, with the changing trends, the traditional pagri has been replaced by many fashionable and chic styles of turbans.


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