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PAF College Sargodha

PAF College Sargodha

This highly famed college is sited in the Punjab and is almost 121 miles away from Lahore. It was first recognized as RPAF School, which was inaugurated in 1953. PAF College Sargodha was basically organized to groom young boys to turn out to be patriotic men to acquire key positions, particularly in the Armed Forces of Pakistan. In 1960, PAF School developed into a college and then in an Academy in 1973 and then it was decided in 1993 to revert the academy into a college.

On 16th December 1953, Business and Civil services were established by Mian Amin ud Din the Governor of the Punjab. From 1953 to 1957 the Principal of the school was Wing (RAF) E Sprawson and he was followed by Mr. G. Stott (1958) and from year 1958 to 1970 Mr. H. Catchpole was hired as the Principal of the college, who was followed by Mr. A. Rehman Qureshi and Dr Mehboob Alam.


In the beginning, the staff of the school was predominantly British. They select teachers with five major qualities that include Courage, Knowledge, Experience, Initiative and Personal example. Keenness and encouragement, meticulousness, truthfulness combined with excellent cooperation are some of the indispensable ingredients of victorious training and good results that were taught to the students by their teachers.

Some moral lessons are given to the students, according to these they should work and play hard, keep themselves physically and mentally fit to ensure successful and happy existence, to be confident to avail the opportunity to serve the country in all professions especially in armed services, show love and affection to every one.


PAF College Sargodha organizes selection tests every year which are conducted in both oral and written form and about forty to fifty students are chosen from all over Pakistan. The selection is based on merit. Due to the splendid guidance students have represented themselves in The Army, the Air force, the Civil service, the Navy and even in the foreign services. They have nailed in every walk of life. The students are known as Sargodhians. A gathering of the Alumni is held at the school every year in February, in this reunion Sargodians and their family members come from all around the world. In 2003, they celebrated their 50th anniversary; it was a five day event.


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