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Nust is the short form of National University of Sciences and Technology. After merging established military institutes and colleges in 1981, the government of Pakistan established NUST to train the Pakistani Armed Forces’ members. At the time of its inception headquarter was situated in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and it is a multi-school university. In 2008, a new building was constructed at Islamabad and then headquarter was shifted to the new building. Campus of NUST is not only located in Islamabad but also in Rawalpindi, Karachi and Risalpur. It is a co-educational institute and it focuses on the promotion of higher education in the country in the fields of sciences and technology.

nust campus

Leading to the PhD, the university offers the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Professors of the university are highly qualified and most of the faculty members are PhD and M.Phil form the renowned universities of the world. This model university consists of more than 7,000 students. A directorate of Research and Development at the NUST headquarter is focusing to encourage the growth of research in the university. Not only in the headquarter but the centers of research and development are established in each institution and college and all the activities here are headed and coordinated by the PhD qualified faculty members.

A technology Incubation Center is also established at NUST that focuses to combine the industrial development and technological research together for establishing the links between institutes and industries.

University facilitates and offers various opportunities to the students studying here. Students get opportunities to participate in different professional and technical societies. Educational trips are arranged to different organizations and industries. Form other institutes and industries speaker guests are invited in the seminars and workshops organized by the university. At all the campuses of NUST sports facilities are available. Courts for indoor and outdoor games are present. Games like table tennis, badminton, squash, hockey, cricket, volleyball, basketball etc are practiced here. Gym and swimming pools are also present in some campuses.

The students of NUTS at the university are running many organizations, clubs and societies. University is also accommodating the student in the NUST hostels. Separate hostels are available for boys and girls. Dining and mess facilities are also available in every campus.

In Pakistan, NUST was the first university the achieved ISO 9000 certification. NUST got two gold and one silver medal in the years of 2005, 2006 and 2007 by the Pakistan Engineering Council for the Best Graduate of the Year.

nust campus Islamabad

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