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Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid

Nilofer Shahid is one of the notable personalities of Pakistan.  He has got the supreme honor to exhibit next to “Balenciaga” known as the King of Couture at Haute Couture Week in Paris in 2006. Even in 2007, she was the only designer from Pakistan to be invited by “Le Chambre de la couture” to display her collection on the Paris runway. Under the House of Meeras she has shown her various collections that have opened the portal to the subcontinent’s history.


Through her incomparable work she has attained the title of “Runway Express” of Pakistan. In the world of couture she has earned a big name and her impressive House of Meeras, meaning heritage, is most excellent an immortalization of the past fascinated in her traditional ensembles. It is the finest legacy to fashion when designer from Lahore come to fashion. The elegance in her dresses is projected when models wearing her outfit walk on the track, carries not just the creation but the amalgamation of both present and the past


The superiority of Nilofer Shahid’s haute couture is a festivity of her own individual journey which essentialises the existence of a soul in each outfit. Her awesome outfits are exhibited at world’s legendary spots, from Prague to Zurich, Louvre in Paris to Royal Albert Hall in UK, from India to Central Asia and from Hollywood to the Middle East.


She has also designed outfits for many leading personalities like she has designed attire for Princes Haifa and Princess Nourah of Saudi Arabia, The pop star Madonna, Jemima Goldsmith, Countess Martha Morzotto and even the late princess Diana, which itself a big achievement for a designer. Her designed outfits are the true picture of elegance and stylishness.

Outfits designed by her changes the personality of the person and completely gives a new look. She has a vast variety of collection her product line includes beautiful Bridal wears, casual and formal wears, frocks, gowns, shalwar kameez and many more. Nilofer sets her own style statement rather than following someone foot steps and individuality in her work is cherished by everyone. Nilofer has launched her brand nationally and internationally as well and her brand is recognized among the leading brands of the world.


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