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Nihari is one of the traditional dishes of Pakistani cuisine that belongs to the roots of our culture. The origin of Nihari is basically belongs to the subcontinent from the kitchens of Nawab.

After getting appreciation from the royal kitchens of Lucknow, Nihari became an extremely popular dish in Pakistan after independence in 1947. The name of this spicy and tasty cuisine is based on the Arabic word “Nahar”, which means morning or sunrise in Urdu. Due to its name, Nihari is mostly preferred in breakfast or in the early morning.

Though, with the span of time countless variations have been introduced to the spiciness and texture of Nihari, but the dish is basically popular for its loaded spiciness and rich taste. Originally, Nihari is a traditional curry made from beef shank and multiple spices brought by the Muslims of Delhi to Pakistan.

Keeping in view the delicacy of preparation of this traditional cuisine of Pakistan, its cooking time is comparatively lengthier than the normal curries. Cooking Nihari requires a lot of hard work and experience, as it’s not a piece of cake for every cook to develop the rich taste with conventional aroma and traditional flavor.

Mostly, Nihari is cooked overnight or sometimes even buried underground to let the meat cook well. Due to overnight cooking, the morsels of meat become extremely tender, while the flavors of the spices completely absorbed in it. Though, Nihari itself is a one rich dish enough for serving, but it is usually complimented with other flavorful treats.

To bring on the traditional touch of Mughals and Nawabs, Nihari is often served with either savory bone marrow, also called “Nalli Nihari”, or with spicy cooked brain masala along with fresh Kulcha. The bhaghaar of Nihari is carefully fried in aslee ghee to boost up the flavor, at the same time suppressing the heat of chilies. To give a special touch to this extremely delicious Pakistani cuisine, Nihari is usually garnished with fresh coriander leaves, green chilies, shredded ginger, sliced and squeezed lemons and white radishes.

Due to the immense popularity of Pakistani cuisine all over the world, Nihari has also been served in different international restaurants with various alterations and changes in the traditional recipe according to the taste of the region. However, if you want to experience the true traditional taste of Nihari and satisfy your taste buds with its complete flavor, tarka and lavishness, you can only have it in Pakistan, as it solely belongs to our land.


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