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Nerian Sharif

Nerian Sharif

Khwaja Pir Ghulam Mohiduddin Ghaznavi, a prominent saints of the Naqshbandi chain, malformed an unpopulated land into a center of religious and Islamic guidance. In earlier times Narian Sharif was a jungle, a habitat for wild animals and was fully covered with trees and plants. Due to its location many were unaware of this beautiful place as it was not easily approachable. Once a moment came when Khwaja Pir Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghaznavi was instructed by his teacher to leave his business and trade and spend rest of his life in a blessed land to transform himself. Then after a lot struggle and prayer Khawaja Ghaznavi and Hazrat Pir Muhammad Durrab Khan his younger brother, turned the mountainous area into a prosperous center of spiritual learning.


As a result of true Islamic values spread by both brothers, people from all over the place set in motion to travel to the area to achieve indulgent of their efforts. It was observed by many people that their teachings of Islam were not only verbally but also proved through their examples. Then soon or later ultimately Nerian Sharif became a religious place for many to search for pious & mental pleasure and now hundreds and thousands come and visit this area of peace daily for the same reason.

In Nerian Sharif the holy tombs of both Khwaja Ghaznavi and his younger brother are positioned here. Many people visits there tombs daily and the place is always surrounded by the recitation of Quran and commemoration of God by both visitors and the local populace. Darbar Aalia Nerian Sharif, this land is renowned as a blessed land and popular for its generosity of guests. The Langar Khana which is a public kitchen is unlock for all and in the mosque of this place many occasions for Islamic education and parallel reasons are organized.


Mohi-ud-Din University is also present near this place. The son of Khwaja Ghaznavi is the descendant & custodian of this pious land and he is also a prominent scholar in Islam today. The Chancellor of Mohi-ud-din Islamic University in Pakistan is Pir Shaykh Allau-ud-din Siddiqui and he is even the Chairman of Al-Ehya Trust, this trust serves and educates orphaned and underprivileged children in Pakistan. Moreover they are trying to set more projects to help these poor and needy children for that they have schemes in Pakistan and in UK as well.

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