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Neelum River

Neelum River

A river is usually defined as the natural waterway flowing through mountains towards another river, lake or sea. However, there is no general definition to define river. Small rivers flowing through the mountains are also referred as tributary, Stream, channel, etc. In rare cases the river flowing is either dried before reaching to another place or is flown into the ground Pakistan. There are several small and big rivers in Pakistan. Some of which are Jhelum River, Ravi River, Neelum River, Sutlej River, etc. Among all the rivers of Pakistan Indus River is the largest River of Pakistan providing about 2/3 water for agriculture purpose.

The Neelum River is situated in Neelum valley, Himalaya in Azad Kashmir. This is beautiful and fertile valley about two hundred and fifty kilometers long as snakes from Muzzaffarabad to Athmuqm. This river is one of the finest creations of Allah. Neelum River is also recognized as Kishanganga located in Kashmir of India & Pakistan. It is a tributary that flows further into Jhelum River. The River name NEELUM was either put due to its sky blue water or because of the precious and rare stone ruby (also known as Neelum) is found there. The area from where the Neelum River flows is in LOC zone known as Line Of control which is made during the issues between India & Pakistan. Neelum River is the most amazing the attractive place for the tourist to visit. The sky blue cold water, mountains about 8000 feet high surrounding the river is surely most fascinating place in the earth but due to the improper arrangement and the broken road it is quite difficult to reach to that place. This place was hugely affected by the earth quake on 2005 and was cut off from the world. Now, standards and proper roads work is in progress. The Neelum valley was named after the river which is known for the crystal blue water.

Pakistan is only one country that has all types of resources, beauty, arts, etc. The people who thinks that our country has nothing regarding beauty like other countries, surely visit the northern area and of course the Neelum River.


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