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Neelam Mango

Neelam Mango

Mangoes are found in diverse varieties and all have significant qualities. These all are popular among people and are well-liked by them as well. Mangoes have always gained prominent place among all the commercial fruits grown in Pakistan. Pakistan have always been recognized for producing superlative quality mangoes and considered to be the fifth largest producer around the globe and is known to be the third largest exporter too. The most famous varieties of mangoes are originated in the Sindh region.


Among all the popular mangoes of our country, Neelam mango has also gained considerable importance. These mangoes are mostly produced in many areas of Pakistan and India. Scientifically Neelam mangoes are named as Magnifera Indica. Its season starts from the end of June. If high-quality soil and good climate conditions are provided to the plant, it tends to produces a good quality mango that enables market supplies of fresh mangoes over a period of about 5 to 6 month.

These mangoes are imperative source of vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin A as well. It also contains a small amount of calcium, iron, phosphorous and protein. They are very sugary and rich with pulp. Neelam mangoes are well-known for their attractive shape, flavor and delightful floral aroma. Neelam mangoes are mostly found in large size and are oblong shaped with pointed base.


If one medium sized Neelam mango is taken it automatically provides you a sufficient amount of Calories, Fat, fiber, carbohydrate, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, cholesterol, magnesium, calcium and potassium. They are mostly found in golden yellow color. This mango is a popular choice of every one and famed for its availability. No matter what’s the age or what’s the income of a person, they simply love this commodity of nature. This mango is extremely relished by mango lovers all around the world. Well this eminent specie of mango is also grown in our neighboring country India mostly in areas like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.


There are more than a few delicacies of Neelam mangoes that pull Pakistanis towards it, of which mango shake, mango sauce, mango with Lassi (yogurt syrup or watery milk), mango with bread and many more. Once you eat this mango you will be addicted for sure and will be end up yearning for more.


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