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Nazia Hassan

Nazia Hassan

Pakistan gave birth to many renowned and worldwide popular personalities and Nazia Hassan is one of them. She was born in Karachi on 3 April 1965 and was brought up in Karachi and London. From Richmond American University in London, in 1991, she received bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics. By profession, she was a barrister and got her LLB degree from London University. She also worked as a political analyst for UNICEF.Nazia_Hassan (6)


She started her career at the age of fifteen in 1970. She as a child star also appeared on many television programs on PTV. At a party in United Kingdom Nazia met film director Feroz Khan. Later on the request of Feroz Khan, she gave audition with a London based Indian composer, Biddu. She was then signed up for the song “Ap Jesa Koi” for the film Qurbani by Biddu. Nazia Hassan was a Pakistani singer but this song became a huge success and she became popular within days and she won the Filmfare Award for the song “Ap Jesa Koi” in 1981 as Best Female Playback singer.

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After giving this big hit, Nazia worked on many other projects with Biddu. She released her first album “Disco Dewaany” that broke the records in Pakistan and India. This album remained on the top of charts in West Indies, Latin America and Russia. Some vocals by her brother, Zoheb Hassan were also there in that album. In 1982 her second album Boom Boom was released and the album’s soundtrack was used in the movie Star. Unfortunately movie could not do well on box office but tracks of album succeeded and Nazia along with her brother Zoheb touched the heights of popularity in India and Pakistan.

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In 1984, her third album “Young Tarag” was released and became the most popular album of South Asia. Album’s song “Ankhain Milany Waly” became the most famous song and this was the first album of Pakistan that featured music videos. Nazia turned back to Bollywood playback singing after the release of Young Tarang. In 1987, her fourth album “Hotline” was released and “Aa Haan” was the most popular song of the album. Naiza Hassan also appeared on many Television shows and some of her shows were recorded with his brother Zoheb Hassan.

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Nazia and her brother Zoheb announced their retirement at the launching ceremony of their last album “Camera Camera” in 1992. This album was not hit as her previous albums were. After quitting singing, she focused on her personal life. Singing was just a hobby for her and she use her popularity to promote social causes. She was a very active social worker and used to spend all money earned from music for charity. An organization named as BAN (Battle Against Narcotics) was established by her in Pakistan and she worked very actively. She was the member of many other welfare organizations.

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Nazia got married on 30 March 1995 to Mirza Ishtiaq Baig but it could not be a successful marriage and she was divorced just 10 days before her death. She died in London from lung cancer on 13 August 2000. She received many awards like Filmfare Best Female Playback Award, Double Platinum Award, Golden Discs etc. on 23 March 2012, Government of Pakistan awarded her with Pride of Performance award that her mother received in an official ceremony.

Nazia Hassan

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