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National College of Arts

National College of Arts

National College of Arts widely known by its abbreviation NCA, it is the oldest institute of art of higher learning established in LahorePakistan. Previously NCA was identified as Mayo School of Arts. To perpetuate the memory of Lord Mayo the Mayo School of Industrial Art was initiated. He was the British Viceroy of India and in 1872 he was assassinated. The first principle of the institute was Lockwood Kipling and was also given the charge of the Curator of the Lahore Museum. The Architecture Department offers five year program that is equivalent to Bachelor of Architecture Degree and in 1985 this course was established.


The institute encompasses various departments which include Department of Communication Design in this department principle of advertising and visual communication is taught, with special reference to manufacturing and marketing techniques and it is necessary for the students to complete a design process that involves research, strategies of approach, execution and design development. Other departments are Department of Ceramics Design, Department of Product Design, Department of Textile Design, Department of Musicology, Department of Film and Television, Department of Multimedia Arts and Department of Interior Designs.

In 1992, Puppeteers NCA was inaugurated. Its first director was Imran Qureshi, Zaka and later it was joined by Nosheen, Hussain Halal, Taha Ahmed Yasin, Ali Imran and Adeel Mumtaz. The college videos are made by the “The End Film Society” also known as “Wehshi Film Society”.  “The End” arranges foreign films and documentaries, with an aim to help students of the institute to explore technical details of the art of film-making.

During 2009-2010, Cine Club which is a film club was commenced by the film and television students of the college. In 1994, the experimental theater group known as “Nautankye” was established. There are various clubs and society developed within the college Alif Adaab is also one these, theater group of the college was oriented towards comedy and slapstick genres until 1999 and the parody was measured a medium of tragedy performance. Sajjad Gul known by his nick Saji founded Alif Adaab in 2000 as the first dialogue based serious theater in NCA. The aim of Alif Adaab was to discover every kind of literary and performing art, but little by little it became a theater group.


One more imitating society was developed within the college was known as Undraap Nexus. Societies like Eastern music society, Western music society and Dance society were also the part of the institute. Adnan Jahangir akaAdnan Nacha” founded the Dance society were many efforts with support from Sundas. The team registered dance society at the college stage and it is now a regular participant in local cultural events.

The college also consists of a poetry club. In 1999, NCA’s literary society that is Haroof was also founded. In 2006, NCA established its one more campus in Rawalpindi with two departments that includes Fine Arts department and another is Department of Architecture. Ali Ahmed Shah, Waheed Bhatti, Saima Salahuddin and Saira Abbasi are the members of Architecture faculty. The Fine Arts faculty encompasses recognized artists like Nadia Hussain, Aqeel Solangi Nadia Rahat Imran Hunzai and Hassan Ali of the sculpture department. Dr Nadeem Omar Tarar is the head of NCA Rawalpindi campus. They make available an exclusive educational, urban and cultural setting to promote the students.

The institute provides such an environment in which the student has liberty to experiment and to develop ideas; they promote creativity and freedom of expression. Moreover the institute provides rooms to the students to acquire artistic skills, ideas and self-confidence to be successful in their professional careers. To promote art and culture NCA Rawalpindi is dynamically engaged with other public and private sector organizations. In addition to that are also giving platform to private galleries to develop and has established linkages with them.

NCA Rawalpindi campus is also enterprising a vast research and journal project to certificate the history of Potohar region. Owing to its division as the one of the two highly reputable arts institutions in Pakistan the other one is the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture Karachi, entrance to it has become competitive.


In the college almost 450 students comes from all the provinces. The diploma holders of this institute have a high rate of employment in different leading organizations in the country and these organizations includes Pakistan National Council of the Art, Security Printing Development authorities, Pakistan International Airlines, University Grants Commission, National Food foundation and the department of film and publications. Distant from the urban development authorities, the graduates of the institutes are captivated in the private sector by advertising agencies, architectural consultancies, industrial and publishing houses. Annually Thesis is displayed to present the work of the students. Students here are polished to meet all the up coming challenges of life.



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