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National Anthem – Qomi Tarana

National Anthem – Qomi Tarana

Qaumi Tarana refers to a national anthem which is a musical composition based on patriotism and oriented to present historical struggle of a nation for a cause e.g. revolution, to form a country etc.

It is recognized officially by respective government as national song aired usually official ceremonies, parades of armed forces and similar occasions. Pakistan also has its Qaumi Tarana with music composed by Ahmad Chagla and lyrics from Hafeez Jalandahri. The lyrics formed a blend of both Persian and Urdu language.

After the creation of Pakistan a National Anthem Committee (NAC) was formed in December 1948 figuring renowned politicians and individuals including Sardar Abdur Rab Nishter, Ahmad Chagla and Hafeez Jalandahri to conceive a Qaumi Tarana. Though some of their efforts paid when Qaumi Tarana was aired without lyrics before Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan on august 1950 however the fully composed Qaumi Tarana was played on August 13, 1954 by radio Pakistan.

Pakistani Qaumi Tarana is composed of thee stanzas with no repetition. It spans one minute and twenty seconds with the use of thirty eight different tones and twenty one musical instruments.

The first stanza of Qaumi Tarana emphasizes Pakistan as a blessed sacred land and a centre of faith for its people. The second stanza points is based on focusing brotherhood among its nationals with a pray for country to be blessed with everlasting glory. The third stanza denounce the primacy for Pakistani flag e.g. Parcham-e-sitāra-o-hilāl. It hints Pakistani flag as an entity which cannot only lead the nation towards progress and perfection but also symbolizes the past, present and inspiration for future of nation. The final sentence in it “Sāyah-e-Khudā-e-Zū-l-Jalāl” wraps Qaumi Tarana with a pray from ALMIGHTY to shelter as it is only HIM who has might and glory in all.

As Qaumi Tarana is considered as sacred for any nation so it is mandatory for audiences to stand in honor when and wherever aired. Usually it is witnessed that even apart from official ceremonies related to Pakistani Government or other institutions e.g. army, courts etc Qaumi Tarana is played by respective organizers before starting any event e.g. movie opening in cinema, sports tournaments etc.


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