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Namal Valley

Namal Valley

Pakistan is a beautiful country and has many eye-catching areas and places that are very famous for their uniqueness, their natural beauty all around the world. The tourists from all over the country and from the whole world have visited Pakistan to entertain themselves while visiting these natural attractions. Pakistan’s tourist attractions areas are among the best areas of the world that grab the sightseer from all over the world.

Namal Valley is situated in the district Mianwali in the Punjab province in Pakistan. This is in human’s nature that some time we like quietness and calmness around us. While sometime the situation is totally different and we like to enjoy with other articles of nature. Most of the tourist attraction point is remained full with the visitors all the time that come from all over the world, but if you like calmness and you want to get rid of the routine life’s tensions and depressions the visit of Namal valley is best for you.

This beautiful valley has many stunning and eye-catching sceneries, hills, an old and historical lake that is called Namal Lake and Namal Dam. One more historical attraction of this valley is the “Loni road” it is an old passage on the hills of the Namal valley that was used by the mughals for different purposes.

Namal lake is very beautiful and hosting the migrated Siberian birds in the winter season every year. This valley is just like the second home for these migrated birds. The Namal dam was built on the Namal Lake in 1913 in British Empire in the subcontinent. The remaining of this historical dam is still located in the valley.

This valley is not only famous for its natural beauty and historical value, but also famous for the historical tombs of religious personalities that were belonged from that area.

The Namal valley is an enjoyable picnic point. The whole Namal valley is full of nature. You will feel great peaceful atmosphere while visiting this natural asset of Pakistan. The visit of this valley is just like to take your mind on the one point and that is just to discover this magical valley.


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