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Mushtaq Mohammad

Mushtaq Mohammad

Mushtaq Mohammad is a former Pakistani cricketer. His part in the team was considerable for Pakistan. He maintained good career in the field of cricket. Mushtaq Mohammad played with full devotion to promote our cricket team.

Mushtaq Mohammad is a former cricketer of Pakistan who was born on 22nd November 1943. His birthplace is Junagadh. His career had 57 Test matches and 10 one-day-internationals (1959 -1979). He was a leg spin bowler and right-handed batsman. Mushtaq Mohammad was one of the most capable players in the Pakistani cricket team. He was an all-rounder player. He served as a captain for our team for 19 Test matches.

His role in cricket …

First-class matches

Mushtaq Mohammad appeared for the first time in cricket when he was 13 years. He made a total of 87 runs and 5 wickets from playing in 28 matches. He also took part in Karachi and (PIA) Pakistan International Airlines team and continued to represent Northampton shire in region cricket (1966 -1977) in which he made above 1,000 runs in each season. He continued to play with the region team during the tours of Pakistan to England (1967 and 71), playing just for the touring team in Test series and some other fixtures.

He served as captain for Northampton shire during ‘75 and ’77. In ’76 he led his team to success (Gillette Cup). That was the first win for the country and the first trophy ever in the history. Because of his efforts, they managed to sit on the 2nd spot in the region Championship. But due to some controversy, he ended playing as a captain. Consistent with Wisden ‘78 edition, he resigned from the team, saying that his mind wasn’t clear about his future in cricket; these were just rumors but eventually appeared to be the truth, and so Jim Watts was called back for 1978, who was the former captain of the team.

He made a total of 72 centuries during his first class career in the 502 series. He also made a record by scoring 25,000 runs in the first class series and closing at 31,091 runs, out of which more than the half of the score was for Northampton shire. He also made a record of 303 runs without falling down. He played in googly, legbreak and flipper styles, being a wrist-spinner.


Mushtaq Mohammad made a score of 18 runs in the match that was played in opposition to West Indies, at Lahore, and eventually Pakistan was defeated on the skip of an innings and score of 156 runs as dated on 26th March 1959. His record remained to be unbroken for more than 40 years in the history of cricket. But then Mohammad Ashraful broke his record.

In the year of 1970, Mushtaq Mohammad played against England by taking part in rest of the cricket teams in the world. In the beginning of 1973, he managed to make 121 runs when he played against Australia, in Sydney. He also made 201 runs when playing in opposition to New Zealand, in which he scored 2 centuries and took 5 wickets in a Test match, leaving behind Denis Atkinson.

He later served as a captain for our team and took part in a total of 19 Test matches during 76-77 and 78-79. During this period made 121 and 56 runs respectively and managed to take 8 wickets when playing against West Indies. Pakistan later won over India because of his efforts in test series.

He continued to serve as a coach for the Pakistani cricket team. He guided his team accordingly because of which our team managed to reach the finals in the ‘99 World Cup tournament.


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