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Miyan Tansen

Miyan Tansen

Miyan Tansen

At the centre of India there is a small town name Gwalior. In this town is the tomb of the greatest musician ever lived named Miyan Tansen. Miyan Tansen born in 1493 or 1506 son of Mukund Misra  is considered to be one of the greatest musicians of Hindustan. His birth name was Ramtanu Pandey. He was famous for his various compositions and for the instruments.

Miyan Tansen was among the nine jewels so called Navaratnas at the court of the famous mughal emperor Akbar. He was given the title Miyan by Akbar which mean learned man. His contribution to the music is incomparable and is still remembered by the famous singer of the world. After the age of 5 the musical talent of Miyan Tansen came into being. As a young child he learnt the music from the legendary teacher of that time, Haridas Swami. He first served as a musician of the King Ramchandra of Rewa then the emperor Akbar. Although he was born in a Hindu family but later on he was influenced by Islam. He composes many rags such as Miyan ki Todi, Miyan ka Malhar and Durbari Kanada. It is said that Tansen sang so well that when he sang, the birds and other animal came to hear him. Tansen’s singing was so powerful that when he sings the Magh raga, rain began to pour.

miyan tansen in akbar court

It is said that almost four hundred years ago the mughal emperor Akbar asked Miyan Tansen to sing the Deepak raga. This raga was extremely dangerous because if it was sung perfectly it could set things on fire. It could even turn the singer body into ashes. Two weeks of preparation Tansen was ready to sing before the emperor. People came from far and near, for they had heard about the great performance which had to take place. Tansen began to sing, but as the Tansen sang the cold air became warmer. The leaves dried, flowers in the garden faded, birds flew away from their nest and people could not sit longer anymore. As Tansen reached at the end of the raga his body starts to burn and he fell ill.

At last he died on 1586 or 1589. His tomb is situated in Gwalior. There is the tamarind tree near Miyan Tansen’s tomb. Singers believe that the person who touch the wall of tomb and chews the leaves of this tree is blessed with the great voice.

miyan tansen tomb

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