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Mirza Sahibaan – A Folk Story

Mirza Sahibaan – A Folk Story

The tale of these two was set up in a kheiwa town of Jhang (Punjab). Sahibaan was not only a very beautiful girl but also the daughter of the chief of village.

Mirza was also the son of a noble Wanjhal Khan of Danabad, a town of Faisalabad city of Pakistan was also residing in kheiwa for studying inside a home of relatives. Both of them fell in love when met with each other.

Days passed and parents of Sahibaan decided to forcefully marry with Tahar Khan a noble from Chadhar family. Sahibaan informed Mirza through a worker about her upcoming marriage.

Mirza’s sister advised him not to chase and rescue Sahibaan as it will only led to honor killing due to aggressive nature of Sahibaan’s brothers. Mirza paid deaf ear to advice and carried away Sahibaan with him on the eve of marriage ceremony. Upon realizing this Sahibaan’s brothers went after them to take revenge.

While on his way Mirza decided to rest under a tree. Meanwhile Sahibaan’s brothers found them. Instead of awaking Mirza broke Mirza’s arrows so that he cannot shoot her brothers with a hope that her brothers will forgive both and respect their mutual love. However her brothers attacked Mirza. Though Mirza fought bravely till end without any weapon (and also outnumbered against many) the brothers of Sahibaan killed him with a blow of sword from behind. During final moments of his life he asked Sahibaan why she broke his arrows. Sahibaan told him her motive behind breaking his arrows. When Mirza died Sahibaan instantly picked up the sword and killed her too in grief.

Though the sorry tale ended but people still believe that this true love will again meet each other forever in eternal life.


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