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Mirror Work in Embroidery

Mirror Work in Embroidery

Mirror work usually known as Sheesha Work is an embroidery type. It is done in dry arid regions of India and Pakistan. This elegant embroidery is done with different shapes of mirrors that create a deep sensation in the hearts of other people. This handwork of ordinary people looks so accurate and perfect and due to this, Mirror work has become a popular handicraft of Pakistan.

People from urban areas use their skills to make ordinary things look phenomenal. The provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh are the centre of attraction of this artwork because most of the sheesha embroiders belongs to these two provinces.

All clothing items can be decorated with this mirror work embroidery. Not only clothing items, but wall hangings and mats also come in the category of those things, which can be ornamented with sheesha work. How amazing it is that dry climate does not affect the creativity of people. All the work done by those people is of first rate. In fact, most of the people from these areas earn their living by decorating other people’s items with this exceptional mirror work. The extraordinary thing is that women use no glue or other sticking material to attach mirrors to the cloth, but they create a framework around each sheesha. Due to this, the cloth piece looks more fascinating and beautiful.

Sheesha work can be done with various kinds of Sheesha types. The first one is mica, which is also known as antique sheesha. This sheesha is shaped by cutting with hands and so it comes in different sizes, but its shapes are irregular. There also comes sheesha, which is cut by machine and so it is known as machine cut sheesha. They come in regular shapes and their sizes vary from smaller to larger ones. In rural areas of Pakistan this sheesha work is purely done with hand and their rings are also made with hand, but in urban workplaces, workers use readymade rings and machine cut sheesha to do this mirror work embroidery. They place the rings over sheesha and stitch them in a regular way.

The types of stitches over these sheesha vary. Usually three types of stitching techniques are used: herringbone, Cretan stitch and sheesha stitch. Normally round shaped Sheeshas are used in the embroidery work because ordinary round Sheeshas have their own importance among other shapes of sheesha used in Mirror work embroidery. This artwork is appreciated in all regions of Pakistan and women wear mirror decorated clothing not only in rural areas, but in urban areas as well. For more detailed information, you must visit different traditional exhibitions which are held in our country and are visited by local as well as foreigners.

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