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Mirani Dam

Mirani Dam

Mirani Dam is situated on the Dasht River on south of the Central Makran Range in Kech District of Balochistan the province of Pakistan. It is a standard sized Dam which is used for multi-purpose and is a concrete-faced filled with rock. The Kech River and the Nihing River fed the 302,000 acre feet reservoir of the dam. In 2006, the construction of this dam was accomplished and it took the possession of Dasht River in August 2006. In 2007, the dam successfully resists an extreme flood event due to its quality construction. In Kech Valley the dam is used for irrigation of 33,200 acres and moreover it is also provide drinking water to Turbat and Gwadar.


In 1956, the achievability report of the Mirani dam project was first concluded but due to the other major projects the project of dam went to the back screen. After almost 45 years, in the wake of Gwadar Port development the dam was commissioned in 2001 by Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) in order to supply was to the city of Gwadar. In August 2001, the inauguration of the dam was performed by the president of Pakistan. National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK) designed the dam and in 2002 the construction contract was commenced and then soon after that in 2002 the company commenced its operations and in 2007 the project was completed.

Tarbela Dam, Pakistan

During summer Kech and Nihing streams flow from rainfall and from the mountains the snow melts and enter into the dam. If the constant supply of water is provided to Kech Valley which contains cultivable soil then agricultural activity could be carried out of it. Mirani Dam was basically constructed to store water from three rivers in summers and even in floods in order make available water for irrigation reasons during the whole year to take 33,200 acres of previously unrefined land in Kech Valley under development.

The second purpose of its construction was to provide continuous amount of clean drinking water to the municipality of Turbat and Gwadar all over the year. The gross storage of the dam is about 302,000 acre-ft and the live storage is about 52,000 acre.ft. The construction of this dam proved to be a successful project as it fulfills the water requirement of the neighboring cities.


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