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Mines In Balochistan

Mines In Balochistan

Balochistan is famous for its mineral resources. Weather it’s a coal or gold, almost every worthy mineral exist in Baluchistan, Saindak Project is its example. The mines in Balochistan are playing big role in contributing to Pakistan’s economic prosperity.

Mines In Balochistan

Yet a very little of it is discovered and properly utilized you can imagine its economic growth impacts if all the minerals are not only discovered but utilize to their best too. Like we see the numerous coal mines in Balochistan, if we use them for generating electricity then its benefits will take Pakistan years ahead. Let’s see what kind of Minerals are available in Baluchistan and what their uses are.

mines in balochistan

coal mine balochistan

Antimony minerals

The antimony Minerals are Minor metals. They are cheap and can replace metal in more cases. Industries who can’t afford metal in excess can use antimony minerals to counter the Lack of proportion. Let’s see how this antimony mineral are being used in different industries. Antimony minerals are used in storage battery plates, anti friction bearings, medal type, bullets, tracers and decorative casting including many other productive engineering tools. You will be amazed to know that at lowest level of its use the antimony is used as surma for darkening the eyes and the striking match box surface. Baluchistan has many mines to have this precious yet cheap mineral which are situated in following places of Balochistan.

Qila Viala and Haji Sardar areas in Qila Abdullah district, Kharan district, Khojak, Chaman. These places have very tough environment yet peaceful. Government can explore it to reduce the extreme use of expensive metal and utilizing the cheap antimony minerals. This will save energy and money both.

Chromium Minerals

Chromium is another useful mineral. Its combination with other minerals helps it to make the alloy with iron, nikal and cobalt. These chromium minerals alloys are resistant to oxidation, high temperature break, chemical attack and corrosion. USA is one the biggest consumers of chromium minerals. It uses 62% of chromium in construction of buildings. The chromium minerals are available in these areas of Baluchistan. If government takes effective steps then these mines can bring a revolution in construction and other related application fields. The areas are:

Muslimbagh in Zhob district, Qila Saifullah district, Khuzdar and Lasbela district, and in the Ras Koh Range in Chagai and Kharan districts.

Baluchistan have gold too which is just recently discovered. A lot of work needs to be done in this regard to make the people of mines area developed and to serve Pakistan in a great way.

Note: The above two minerals are just classification of mines. These Minerals covers all the ores of iron, coal and chromate mines.


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