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Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is not limited to a tall minaret only. It commemorates a historic event which formed the basis of Pakistan’s creation.

Yes we are talking about a beautiful, tall minaret of modern architecture situated on the same site (Iqbal Park Lahore) where on March 23, 1940 Pakistan Resolution was passed to demand a separate homeland for Muslims residing in Indo-Pak Subcontinent. It is a place which marked the beginning of a state comprising a true nation. On March 23, 1960 its foundation stone was laid and the panoramic minaret got completed on 31 October 1968 with a span of eight years. It is surrounded by a park comprising an artificial lake and marble fountains. An elevator is also installed inside this tall minaret for visitors to give accessibility to upper stories.

minar e pakistan architecture

Minar e Pakistan: Architecture

The accumulative height of this beautiful minaret is of 72 meters with 8 meters above the ground base. It comprises unfolding petals in its base each of which is 9 meters in height. The platform shaped like a star with two crescent shaped pools denoting the same shapes as used in Pakistani Flag. A spiral shaped staircase of 162 steps rises inside this tower of 9.75 meters (in diameter). The dome of minaret comprises stainless steel enameled with fine glass pieces.

minar e pakistan at night

Concrete, stone, marbles of fine genre are used to construct this monument. The rostrum which faces historic Badshai Mosque is itself composed of beautiful patterned tiles. Out of four symbolic platforms inside the base of Minar e Pakistan one has use of uncut Taxila based stones; the other two comprise hammer-dressed and chiseled stones respectively while the last has polished white marble which portrays the glory of successful Pakistan Movement.

beauty of minar e pakistan
Its historical significance can also be depicted while viewing ten converging white marble commemorative plaques in which there are floral inscriptions related to Pakistan resolution in Urdu, Bengali and English languages. The glorious 99 names (attributes) of ALMIGHTY and verses from Holy Quran are also inscribed in Arabic on different plaques. Few couples of Allama Iqbal, excerpts from the speeches addressed by founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Qaumi Tarana (National Anthem) are inscribed too (in both English and Urdu) inside to let reader feel the spirit of a true Islamic nation.

flooring of minar e pakistan

Minar e Pakistan is no doubt a worth seeing place especially for those who seek both beautiful architecture and historical accounts.

minar e pakistan melaminar e pakistan in eveningglowing minar e pakistan


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