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Military College Sui

Military College Sui

                The military college is positioned in the town of Sui in Pakistan’s province Baluchistan known as Military College Sui. Pakistan Army owns and operates the school and nourishes Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul. It is recognized among the three leading colleges run by Pakistan Army; the other two are Military College Murree and Military College Jhelum. On 3rd January 2011 Military College Sui (MCS) was inaugurated by The Chief of Army staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Hilal-e-Imtiaz and Nishan-e-Imtiaz. To endow Balochi youth with superb educational facilities and to bring them in the national main stream the Chief of Army staff declared the founding of Pakistan Educational City Sui which incorporates FGEI, BPS, MCS, WVC and BITE so that the students may achieve their goals.


The college functions with the support of Inspector General Training & Evaluation Branch / Human Resource Development Directorate having its General Headquarters in Rawalpindi. The Commandant runs the college.  The college is structured into two wings that are Administrative wing and Academic wing. Deputy Commander Runs the Academic wing where as the Administrative wing is headed by Quarter Master General and Assistant Adjutant and they have the charge of all administrative matters as well.

The main task of the Military College Sui is to ensure better quality education especially to the students of Baluchistan so that they become responsible citizens, vibrant future leaders and multitalented professionals. Their focal point is to prepare their cadets to join Pakistan Military Academy and serve Pakistan Army. The college provides best educational facilities to all cadets from class VIII to XII. They act as a feeder institute for the cadets to be ranked in the defense force. They have organized residential departments to guarantee the psychological, physical and ethical development of a student under the administration of the staff.


The students of the college are known as “Cadets”. Different extra-curriculum activities are organized by the department that includes cricket, volley ball, basket ball, field hockey, horse riding, tennis, squash and foot ball. More over they have even scheduled some physical activities to keep the environment healthy which includes karate, judo, swimming, gymnastic, running and jogging. In the morning and evening physical training (PT) is conducted. Professionals are hired to train the students with the art of drill and shooting.


The college encompasses one junior and three senior houses. Senior houses are named as Shershah house, Jinnah house and Haider house while junior house is named as Iqbal house and Iqbal house is further divided into Alpha and Bravo wings.

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