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Mian Meer

Mian Meer

Commonly identified as Mian Meer, Baba Saen Meer Mohammad Sahib was a well-known Sufi Saint. He lived in Lahore; to be precise in the town of Dharampura (it is counted in in the present day Pakistan). He was from the Qadiri order of Sufism. From many orders of Sufism, he was from the Qadiri order.

Among all his famous deeds, the most prominent is being the divine instructor of Dara Shikoh (who was the first-born son of Shah Jahan). He is known for establishing the Mian Khail division of the Qadiri order. Mian Meer was an acquaintance of all the God-affectionate people and he shunned all the worldly covetous and selfish men who used to run after the Sufis in order to get benedictions.

After living a long and prosperous life filled with virtuosity and piety, Mian Meer passed on 11 August 1635. He passed at the age of eighty-eight. Dara Shikoh read his eulogy at the funeral. Near Alamganj, Mian Meer was buried; it is approximately a mile far from Lahore. The mausoleum still attracts a lot of aficionados which include Muslims and Sikhs looking for blessings. That is because he holds an essential fabled place in the Sikh religion. Sikhs, all around the world still learn about him, children and grownups acquire knowledge about his psychic impact and his efforts.

Once the great Mughal emperor Jahangir came to visit him to pay reverence to Mian Meer, he came with all the pomp and show which suited a king. Mian Meer’s sentries stopped him and said that he would have to wait at the gate until their master allowed him. Jahangir felt affronted. Yet he managed his anger and collected himself. He waited, and after a while he was granted permission. As he was escorted into Mian Meer’s presence, he couldn’t keep his anger at bay and said this as soon as he entered “there shouldn’t be sentries at the doorstep of a faqir”, but the saint was at peace with himself and his Lord, Allah Almighty so he said “they are there so selfish people/dogs of the world may not enter”.


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