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Metro Bus Lahore

Metro Bus Lahore

Metro Bus in Lahore is only a bus rapid transit system of Pakistan. Metro bus is a facility that people of Lahore were in dire need. Not just Lahore all the major cities of Pakistan need such good, comfortable and economic transport facility. First proposal for this project was given in 1991 and in 1993; the Lahore Traffic and Transport Studies updated it. The project was postponed and the Transport Department of Pakistan revisited the project and in 2007 feasibility study was made. Asian Development Bank provided funds for this study. Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Shreef started this project with the collaboration of Turkey. Metro Bus service was an inspired project of Istanbul Metro bus system. In March 2012, construction of metro bus started and completed in 10 February 2013.

lahore metro bus

Before metro bus service, the transport system of Lahore was facing some mismanagement and maintenance problems because of overloading and overcrowding.

metro bus in lahore

Metro bus service is a good remedy for the people who cannot afford a good and prestigious resource for travelling. They either had to go for the crowded local buses or noisy and expensive rickshaw because they did not have any other option. Metro bus is really a good option for all those who faced such problems in the past. It is a modern transporting system with no economical pressures. Lahore metro is an uninterrupted service running on a long route because a separate track is built for it. All the metro buses are air-conditioned. Passengers do not have to wait for long for the bus arrival because after every two minutes buses come.

metro bus terminal

Modern bus terminals and ticketing system is established for the ease of passengers. An estimated figure is 130,000 people who use the route each day. Being the first such transport project it sets the example for other cities and provinces to start such projects to improve the transportation system of Pakistan.

lahore metro bus route

Metro bus runs between Shahadra and Gajjumata. Twenty-seven stops come while travelling from Shahadra to Gajjumata. Some of these twenty-seven stops are Niazi chowk stop, Azadi chowk stop, Bhatti chowk stop, Civil secretariat stop, MAO collage stop, Qartaba Chowk stop, Ichara stop, Canal Road stop, Qaddafi Stadium stop, Model Town stop, Ghazi Chowk stop, Chungi Amar Sadhu stop, Atari Saroba stop, Youhanabad stop, Dulu Khurd stop and finally Gajuumata Terminal. It uses e-ticketing system and Intelligent Transportation wand. With the coordination of Punjab IT Board, the HUD and PHE Departments through TEPA are managing this system.

metro bus route

Metro Bus Service is the project that includes the Pakistan in the list of other 36 countries that are using the modernized transport facility of Bus Rapid Transit System.

metro bus near arfa karim park

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